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Savor the richness of our mouthwatering lamb chump steaks, the ultimate treat for your taste buds! These succulent cuts are packed with flavor and tenderness, making them perfect for a hearty meal. To cook these beauties to perfection, simply heat up your grill or pan to medium-high heat. Season the steaks with a pinch of salt, pepper, and your favorite herbs. Sear each side for about 3-4 minutes, or until they reach your desired level of doneness. Let them rest for a few minutes, then dig in! Serve with roasted veggies or a side of creamy mashed potatoes for a truly satisfying feast.
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LEG OF LAMB Apx 2.5kg
Looking for a delicious and hearty meal? Look no further than our succulent leg of lamb! This tender cut of meat is perfect for any occasion, whether it's a family dinner or a special celebration. To cook it to perfection, simply season with your favorite herbs and spices, then roast in the oven until it's juicy and tender. Serve with roasted vegetables and a glass of red wine for the ultimate dining experience. With our leg of lamb, you'll be the talk of the town and your taste buds will thank you!
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Satisfy your cravings with our flavorful Lamb Burgers,, the perfect choice for a scrumptious meal! Made with premium quality lamb meat, these burgers are bursting with flavor and juiciness. Each bite will transport you to a culinary paradise! Cooking these delectable burgers is a breeze. Simply preheat your grill or stovetop pan to medium-high heat. Place the burgers on the heat source and cook for about 4-5 minutes per side, or until they reach an internal temperature of 160°F. Serve on a toasted bun with your favorite toppings and condiments. Get ready to savor a truly delightful dining experience!
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Delight in the flavors of our mouthwatering Lamb Koftas, a culinary delight that will transport your taste buds to a world of exotic flavors! These succulent, handcrafted meatballs are made from premium lamb, expertly seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices. Bursting with juiciness, they are perfect for grilling or pan-frying to achieve a tantalizing golden crust. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or craving a quick and delicious meal, our Lamb Koftas are the answer. Serve them with warm pita bread, creamy tzatziki, and a zesty salad for a truly unforgettable feast. Get ready to savor every delectable bite!
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