Introducing Meatline to Hospitality

 “The Caterers choice for the South East ”


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“Here to help you give your customers the best”

Meatline Catering is a Family run business based in Maldon which has the driving force for all of the catering establishments within the Essex and surrounding areas to give you the best. As a company we look at your specifications so our qualified butchers can meet your requirements with our consistent and quality products meat. We can supply all of your bespoke cuts of meat required for your every eventuality and packed to your requirements.  We purchase around the market trends to ensure an uninterrupted supply of produce is available for you to order. Our dedicated customer service team which can provide you with ongoing support once you have become part of Meatline.   


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"Giving you the quantity & quality required for your Banquet."

At Meatline we are here to help you with all of your Banqueting needs, as we know you are catering for a larger pre-arranged number of guests who can enjoy our consistent and quality meat products. We implement a rigid quality control systems from purchase, through cutting to dispatch. We can pack all of your requirements in larger quantities to save on your time as we know you are extremely busy. Our dedicated customer service team can help and support you through all of your catering needs.  We have pride in what we do and encourage you to join us and our suppliers in raising the standards for compassion in world farming.

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"Meatline will give your Venue the best "

Having Meatline onboard you would get 35 + years’ experience of a Family run business. We are an EBLEX registered butchers based in Maldon who have very strong links to some of the best farms in the country who have won awards in ‘Compassion for World Farming’ and are RSPCA Freedom Food registered, we are also an Approved Food Business UKMQ014. Your need for professionalism and experience is vital, we have one member of staff studying for a master’s degree in Meat Business Management, three fully qualified NQV level 3 butchers and one more undertaking NVQ level 2 butchery. Meatline take training and innovation seriously, your need for consistency is paramount to us. Therefore we have attained SALSA accreditation, also implementing a ridged quality control system from purchasing, through to cutting and dispatch. 

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